Getting a golden tan in 1 hour | Skinny Tan Express Mousse Review

Skinny_tan_express_mousse_review.pngHey everyone! I know its been forever since I last wrote a blog post! I could feed you with a million excuses (I mainly blame university) but everyone loses their motivation sometimes. Although I may not have been writing posts on the regular I have however been really active on my Instagram! So go follow me there if you arnt already 🙂

So today I’m sharing with you my review of the new Skinny Tan Express Mousse! A little while ago I was kindly invited to my first ever blogging event from Skinny tan! However I was so gutted that I couldn’t attend! It wasn’t all sad faces though, as the lovely Rosie from Skinny tan generously offered to send me their new Express Mousse to try out and review!

I was so delighted when I opened it and saw they’d also sent a tanning mitt along with it, and it is THE softest. mitt. ever.

So I’m relatively new to the tanning world, I started using self tan back in October when my housemate recommended it to me, I always thought I would make a mess and bugger it up! The one I was using before gave me a nice glow but didn’t make me as tanned as I would like.

So with this Express Mousse the directions state:
– 1 Hour: By leaving the mousse on for an hour, you will see a light medium tan develop on your skin that will give you a subtle glow.

– 3 Hours: For a more sun-kissed tan, leave the Express Mousse to develop for 3 hours

– Overnight: For a rich, deep tan that will last for 14 days, leave the Express Mousse on overnight

After 1 Hour

I tried this tan a little before the pictures above so the ‘before’ picture still has a little bit of the tan on from the first time I used it! I’m normally more pale than that.
So the above pictures are from the second time I used this Express Mousse and show the difference on my legs after 1 hour. I didn’t edit these photos at all so you could see it in its true way. As you can see my legs were a few shades darker after just one hour! I left this on while I went out for a meal and throughout the meal It got darker and darker until I was a beautiful golden brown It was amazing! I love the confidence being tanned gives you!

Pictures of my arm show Before, 1 Hour after, and a few hours after.

The first thing you notice about this mousse is the smell! It smells like coconut which I don’t normally like but it smells lovely, just like being on holiday! I struggled at first with getting it neat because I’m so rubbish at fake tanning, however I realised it was because I wasn’t putting enough on the mitt. Once I was putting plenty on and really using circular motions to put it on, I had zero streaks. Did I also mention this is vegan?
I think the main thing with self tan is the preparation, you need to make sure you exfoliate beforehand, shave, and moisturise any areas of dry skin such as elbows. Preparation is key.

Using this tan I’ve had so many compliments and even my housemate used it and loved it! This is now a firm favourite of mine and I am obsessed with using it! I last used this 3 weeks ago and I still have a subtle tan, how amazing is that? I would definitely recommend this to everyone as it is so easy to use, non streaky, and allows you to get tanned in an instant as well as the ability to leave it on to get the shade you want.

How to get a golden tan in 1 hour. Skinny tan express mousse review

Thanks again to Skinny Tan for kindly sending me this to review!

Have you used any of Skinny Tan’s products before? What tips do you have for self tanning?

Clare xx

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* The above products were kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own , this post contains affiliate links.

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