August Blogging Goals

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well! I decided I would start to write monthly “blogging goals” blogposts (that’s a mouthful) as I really enjoy reading other people’s goals and seeing how they achieve them! I also figured if I was to write them down every month and other people were to see them, I’m more likely to achieve them as I’ll have more pressure on myself! So here are a few goals I have for my blog and social media this month:


To write and post at least 6 blogposts in the month, The worst thing I do as a blogger is not writing enough posts! I need to kick my butt in gear.
To reach 100 followers on Bloglovin’, Im currently on 63.
To reach 100 followers on wordpress, I’ve just achieved 50 followers which I am so proud of, so my next milestone goal is to reach 100!

Reach 400 page views for the month, For July I managed to reach 300 monthly page views and for me that is such an amazing achievement, I don’t post much and knowing I had that many views means so much to me. I would love to increase this to 400 this month. 


To reach 800 followers, I’m currently on 730.
To post at least 3 times a week, I was posting once a day at uni but now I’m working full time I’ve been slacking! I really enjoy Instagram, and despite the rubbish algorithm it’s had lately I want to persevere and continue posting lots. 


To reach 700 followers, I’m currently on 572.
To get involved in at least 1 twitter chat a week, I used to get involved in chats all the time but since I’ve gone back to working full time it’s really difficult to find the time, especially when most chats are between 7-9pm and I sometimes don’t finish work until 9pm.


To pin at least 5 times a day, I do pin stuff but not enough regularly.
To reach 100 followers, I’m currently on 56.

 So these are some of the goals I am aiming to achieve this month, I know I won’t reach all of them but I want to push myself as much as possible towards them.

~What current Blogging Goals do you have?


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