The £3 holy grail highlighter you need!


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Hi lovelies! I’ve had this post planned for a while now, I took the photos a long time ago (and had the genius idea to use my glittery Cheerleading bow as a photo prop)  and it’s only now I’ve gotten around to writing it! Anyway, today’s post is a review of the oh so pretty Primark Mermaid Highlighter.

So Primark beauty has been getting a lot of craze lately, there are some hidden gems being raved about in the blogging world at the moment, particularly their gold highlighter and rose gold highlighter. I initially went into Primark a while ago (You can see what I bought here ) to find one of these and was disappointed to see they didn’t have any. However they did have this mermaid highlighter as part of their new mermaid beauty range! At only £3 I thought I’d give it a go, I don’t own a highlighter this colour and I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too many highlighters”.


Starting with the packaging, it’s a pretty nice case, plastic and very sturdy, I like the clear lid so you can see the product. “Mermaid highlighter” is in metallic writing on the top, however after being in my makeup bag a lot recently it has started to fade off, not a massive issue for me but something to mention.


So the highlight itself is a gorgeous white shimmer and is packaged with a wave pattern which I think is quite pretty. As you can see from the swatch it is very pigmented. I would say the powder flecks themselves are ever so slightly on the thick side so can look a bit tacky on the skin if not blended out. The staying power on this is great too, It will last me a good 12 hour day even in the hot weather, I am so impressed.

How I wear it:

I use my Real techniques contour brush to sweep this across the tops of my cheek bones and to gently blend it out. Then I use my ring finger and place it on the inner corners of my eyes, a little bit down the middle of my nose, Cupid’s bow, and a tiny bit on my chin. I don’t tend to use this much on my brow bones as I think the contrast is too much sometimes with my eyeshadow.

You can see the highlighter on my cheekbones here, and isn’t it so bloody beautiful! I can’t emphasise enough just how many compliments I have got while wearing this and the amount of people asking what highlighter I’m wearing. I’m so obsessed with it, I have worn it pretty much everyday during the summer, when the sun hits your face, it gives you such a gorgeous glow. It’s definitely a holy grail product for me.

I really want to try all of Primark’s other highlighters as I’ve heard nothing but good things, and I have so many Primark beauty items on my wish list! Do you have any Primark Beauty Recommendations?


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