Is a £2.50 Primark Peach eyeshadow palette any good?

If you read my Primark Haul post, then you’ll know that I didn’t seem very impressed with this peach eyeshadow palette at first. Mainly because I judged it by the chalky swatches which you can see in the photo below, but boy I was wrong!

I picked this Peach eyeshadow palette up from Primark due to the shades, it has 9 peach and gold shades with a mixture of Matte and Shimmers. I guess this would be a bit of a dupe for the too faced sweet peach palette, but I don’t own it so cannot compare. Although these colours are probably better suited for summer I know I will end up using them through autumn and winter too.

When I initially swatched these shades with my finger the powder flaked quite a lot and it was pretty chalky. So I wasn’t expecting a lot of pigmentation when I used a brush. However I first used the centre shade with one of my brushes and it picked the product up so well, and then it was super pigmented on my eyes! I’ve included some shameless selfies below so you can see it on.

Here I’ve used the middle shade all over, the top right shade in the socket, and the second shade in the top row on the outer corners of my eyes. I wore this with my Makeup Revolution setting spray and it stayed on SOO well!

I think this palette is so good for its value and I feel bad for underestimating it! Of course it’s not comparable to Urban Decay quality for example, but for £2.50 I am incredibly impressed, especially as I was really eager to own some eye shadows these colours! If you’re just getting into makeup or want to play around with some colours I would definitely recommend the Primark Eyeshadow palettes. It’s got great pigmentation, long staying power, beautiful colours and a cheap price tag! It’s a winner in my opinion.

Have you tried any Primark Eyeshadows?

Clare xxx

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Can a £2.50 primark peach eyeshadow palette really be good?

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