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A life update

It sure has been a while! I’ve missed writing posts, taking photos, interacting on social media, and the whole blogging community! I thought I should write a big post explaining everything.

So, where have I been?

First of all, I had my final year University exams During May and June, which as you can imagine were very stressful, they were each worth 80% of my modules. These were followed by a week of partying and celebrating.. you’re only a student once right? I then moved back home, started working my summer job full time, and taking care of my mum in my spare time (more details about that here if you’d like to read). I’ve been very busy. I’ve also been applying for jobs to kickstart my career so that’s been a little tedious but exciting!

I Graduated!

Honestly, if you’ve read my becoming strong blogpost, you will know how tough the last 18 months have been for me. So studying at university alongside all the things going on in my life was incredibly hard but I did it. I officially have a 2:1 degree in Mathematics and Statistics. The best part about it all was that I was able to open my results with my mum and we cried and cried.

Graduation day is definitely the highlight of my life so far. To have achieved something I’m so proud of, it’s just an amazing feeling. Although my mum wasn’t able to make it, my university livestreamed it on Facebook so she was able to watch me that way which was great. The moment you walk along and collect your degree, it is such an unreal feeling. I was grinning so much that the vice chancellor even said to me “You look so proud of yourself” as I collected it.

What now?

For now, I’m trying to focus on the positives in life, even if everything else around me is trying to bring me down. My anxiety has become uncontrollable recently, to the point I keep shaking and my chest is constantly feeling tight. So for the first time, I went to the doctors to seek medical help for it, and I am now taking tablets for it. They take a while to work but I’m looking forward to the benefits!

I’ve been working on improving myself, eating healthier and I’ve been actively trying new products to improve my skin, I have had way less breakouts than usual so that’s been great! – I’m hoping to post an updated skincare routine soon.

Now that I’ve graduated I have been applying for a few jobs and even had 2 responses which has been a big confidence boost. Finally, I have a blog event coming up soon which I am super excited about!

So there’s a little summary of life at the moment! I’m oddly looking forward to the next chapter life brings me, even if I am a bit scared.

Clare xx





  1. August 6, 2019 / 10:54 am

    Congrats on your result and graduating! It’s so good that your Mum was able to watch through a livestream and not miss out on such a big moment in your life. That’s great you have had two responses from jobs that is such a confidence boost.

  2. August 6, 2019 / 7:41 pm

    Congrats on graduating! Good luck with the future!

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