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A reflection on 2019

2019… the worst year of my life. I wanted to write this post to look back on my goals I had set and to also reflect on the year as it was. So I’ve split this post into 2 sections: The goals I set out to achieve in 2019 (and if I achieved them) as well as a mini reflection on the year as a whole.

My 2019 Goals

When I look back at my aspirations for 2019, I achieved pretty much all of them which I can’t believe. I think it’s important to reflect back because it shows how much progress you’ve made. Last year I split my goals into 2 categories, Blog and Life:


In terms of my blog, I treated myself to a new Pipdig theme, to then 2 weeks later find out all of their themes are a security risk! I’ve actually been looking for a new theme for a while so any recommendations would be great. I didn’t start YouTube like I wanted to, but I’m not too bothered about that. It was always a possible goal and not something I was set on. I don’t have a camera and the confidence just yet but hopefully one day! My final blog goal was more makeup looks… I definitely didn’t do enough of those but this easy pink make-up look is one of my favourites from 2019. 


I completed all 3 of my life goals which I am super proud of. The easiest of them was getting my first tattoo! I got the word ‘Ohana’ in my mum’s handwriting and I love it! (Super painful though, my pain threshold is awful).

lilo and stitch ohana tattoo

The second goal was to do well in my degree and graduate which I did!!! It’s easily the biggest achievement of my life considering what I was going through along side my degree.

Finally, I wanted to start my career which I was incredibly nervous about, but 1 month after graduating I got a role as an SEO analyst for the most amazing company and with the most amazing team.

clayaa Graduation picture uni of essex

Lets talk about the rest of the year

Although I’ve achieved all these amazing things and had some of the biggest moments in my life this year, I sadly loss my mum to her battle with cancer in August. It’s really sad, because all these great things get tarnished with this grief, and what should have been the best year of my life, is in fact the worst year of my life.

On top of grieving which is hard enough in itself, I had a few other things going on which kept bringing me down. I’ve been adjusting to being single for a long time which is pretty new to me, I wasn’t in a great living situation, and my confidence has decided to take a massive hit. So all in all I ended 2019 feeling like absolute crap.

2019 was by far the toughest and hardest year of my entire life so far and has been a real test. The way I see it now though, I got through it, and I’ve been at my lowest, therefore I can only go up and forwards from here. For the first time in a long time I’ve been looking forward to a new year and feeling a little positive for once.

So 2019, you were shit, but 2020 I’m going to make you great!

What 2019 goals did you achieve?

Clare xx





  1. February 7, 2020 / 12:24 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. I truly hope that 2020 is better to you! I’m also in love with your tattoo, such a beautiful reminder of her! And congrats about everything else!

    • Clare
      February 10, 2020 / 1:32 pm

      Thank you so much! I love my tattoo so much too 🙂 Thanks Sarah! x

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