Hi there!

If you don’t know me, I’m Clare, 21 and currently undertaking a Mathematics and Statistics degree full time. As well as being obsessed with beauty, I also love tea, Marvel & DC, Gin, Video games, Arsenal and the queen, A.K.A, Beyoncé.

I started reading blogs when I was about 13 as a way to see reviews of products, I then took the leap and created my own one but never stuck to it properly. I didn’t tell anyone about it and I neglected it because I was scared people would find it (I’m so stupid). So this year – 2017, I decided to start from scratch, make something I’m proud of and Clayaa.com was born! I didn’t give it a beauty specific domain because I wanted this to be personal to me and allow me to write anything I like, it was originally going to be my full name but unfortunately that was taken, alas I decided on my nickname which I’ve had for years – Clayaa.

I enjoy blogging because it’s an escape. It’s a chance to express myself by writing down all my thoughts, feelings and opinions to escape burdens of reality. But it’s also a chance to talk about all the things that I love! I could literally talk for hours about beauty products!

I hope you enjoy what you read!

Contact me: Clayaa@outlook.com

You can also find me on: