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False Nails by So Invogue Beauty Review

Flatlay of False Nails by So Invogue Beauty and how to apply them

*AD Gifted – The products in this post were gifted to me by Invogue beauty. As always, all opinions are my own.

If you follow me on Instagram or have read any of my previous favourites posts, you will know how much of a massive fan I am of false nails. I had only tried ones from Primark before, so when So Invogue Beauty offered to send me some to try, I jumped at the chance! I actually mentioned them in my March favourites and featured them on my Instagram recently.

They sent a few different shades including 2 nudes, as well as 2 different shapes which were Oval and Square.

Inside each packet is an assortment of different sized nails, nail glue and a nail file. To test them out, I chose the ‘Baby Pink Oval’ nails first.

How to apply False Nails by Invogue Beauty

To find the ones that match my nails I held different sized ones against my fingers to see which ones would fit best, and then laid them out in size order ready to apply. They’re also numbered which is helpful as then you know what number each of your nails are for future use with different packs.

baby pink fake nails by invogue beauty

Once you have laid your nails out ready to apply, you will need to cut the top off of the glue using scissors.

Then, you apply a few drops of glue to both the false nail, and your natural nail. Then, press the false one against your natural nail for a few seconds to bond the glue, and let it dry. Repeat this for the rest of your nails and your done!

invogue beauty false nails glue

My Review of Invogue Beauty False Nails

The first thing I loved about these nails was the fact that I didn’t have to trim them down. I’m not a fan of super long nails and prefer a more natural length and shape, these ones are the perfect size already.

Jet black and Bright red fake nails by invogue beauty

I also really like that the packets come with a nail file, and the glue itself is really strong. My nails were still firmly on after 7 days which is amazing for false nails!

My one criticism of the particular colour I chose to use first – ‘Baby Pink’ – was the fact they were a little bit translucent due to how light the shade is. It meant that you could see patches of glue underneath which you can partially see in the photo below. I’m just hoping the darker shades are not translucent.

fake nails by invogue beauty

Overall, I really love the false nails. They lasted for 7 days, I didn’t need to reshape them and they’re great quality – an overall winner in my eyes!

Have you used false nails by So Invogue beauty before?

Clare xx




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