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Goals for 2017


Well 2016 is officially over. I can say that the year was the best of my life. I’ve decided to have a fresh start with my blogging, I used to own a blog on blogger with a different name but I have always struggled to keep motivation with it. Therefore I have created this one, I can be more free with WordPress and I also wanted to make it more personal. So we will see where this goes. I wanted to start of the blog with a post summarising 2016 a little bit and writing a few goals for 2017.

2016 Lifestyle:
– First year: I completed my first year of university in 2016 and it was the best experience, I am studying Mathematics and Statistics and finished it with a 2:1
Positivity: I became an extremely positive person in 2016, and I love it. I try to see the good in things all the time and do not want to let bad things ruin my happiness. I truly believe we are all in charge of our own happiness and I hope to continue to have this mindset forever.

2016 Beauty:
NYX: I discovered NYX in 2016 and have fallen in love with it. Everything is so affordable and yet such great quality. I especially love their lip creams. They even featured one of my pictures on their UK instagram page which was amazing.
-Skincare: I’ve improved my skincare a lot more this year. I’ve been trying new products and cleansing my face a lot more, I’ve still got a long way to go but it’s getting there.
Skills: Overall I think my makeup skills have improved a bit. I’ve been using new shades, trying new techniques and  testing new products. There’s always room for improvement.

2017  Lifestyle Goals:
-Placement year: I really want to find a great placement for my sandwich year! I’ve been struggling to find ones I would like to do at the moment, as I would like to do an acturial one but they are not very common. So one of my biggest goals for 2017 is to apply to lots and if I cannot get an acturial one then to get a statistics one.
Second year: I am so determined to get a first in my degree, which means getting a first in second year. My biggest goal in life for 2017 is to work as hard as I can and to achieve a first.

2017 Beauty Goals:
Base: I would like to focus on improving my base makeup this year, by using camouflaging techniques and trying new products.
-Blog: I want to properly focus on this blog, being organised with it and spending time on it, putting in lots of effort to make it something I am proud of.
-Lips: I would like to try and be a little more adventurous with lipstick shades this year and step out of my comfort zone.

I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and have a great 2017!

What are your goals for 2017?

Clare  xxx

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