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January Favourites 

Biore cleanser

I’ve never been good with properly cleansing my face but this year one of my goals is to have a good skincare routine and stick to it. I recently bought this Biore cleanser because it has charcoal in it which I know is great for removing dirt and I’ve used Biore pore strips before which were great. When I use this cleanser it sort of tingles on your face, the way toothpaste would feel if you rubbed it on your face. It really feels like its working and my skin feels so refreshed after, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin since using this twice a day and it doesn’t dry my skin out either.

Hair curlers

My whole life I’ve never really owned any hair curlers, I’ve always used hair straighteners, braids or hair rollers to try curl it. So I decided to treat myself and bought these Babyliss ones, they even came with a heat protecting glove. I have really thick hair but these curl it so quickly. I only need to spend 10 minutes in the mornings to curl my hair.

NYX eyeshadow palette

This has to be my absolute favourite product at the moment, I’m in love with it! I’ve wanted warm/burgandy eyeshadow colours for a long long time, and when kylie jenner released her first eyeshadow palette with a few warm shades in people started to go crazy over them. I didn’t want to buy Kylie’s because I’m in the UK so when I found NYX’s I bought it immediately! I’ve used it nearly everyday for the last 2 months.

Pinterest DIY’s

I’ve recently started getting obsessed with Pinterest again, and I can’t stop looking at DIY’s. Mainly things like candles, bath bombs and trinket dish’s (which I will be making soon). I’ve always enjoyed being creative and I thought all these items would be great gifts to give people for occasions, the fact it is handmade means so much more too.

Miracle Complexion sponge – Real Techniques

I’ve had this sponge for a while but never properly used it, I decided to try it out again in December and now I use it everyday (unless I’m doing my make-up on the train and can’t soak it in water). It just makes my foundation look so much more flawless, and blends my contour so much better than other brushes.


My boyfriend kindly bought me a lightbox for christmas and it’s so cute! I’ve been loving looking up what different phrases I can put on it and trying to think of my own! It looks so nice in my bedroom and in photos too.

Lip liner and lip cream

I have loved this  Gosh lip liner in the shade ‘Antique Rose‘ for so many years, so much so that when I lost it I went and bought another one.. and then I lost that one. Well recently I found it! It was in the pocket of one of many handbags. And now I keep wearing it with my favourite nude lipstick Ruffle trim and it is such a great pairing. I’ve been wearing it a lot and have got compliments on it too. I will be wearing this a lot as spring approaches.

What products have you been loving this month?



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