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Winter skincare saviours

Winter skincare products to help with dry skin, and dehydrated skin.

My skin in general leans towards the dry side but when it comes to Winter it can become extra dry and my lips always become more chapped and sore as well. In this post I’m going to share some winter skincare saviours that will help to hydrate your skin, relieve soreness and also prevent dryness!

Bali Balm

I spoke about how good this luxury lip balm is here. It’s a really great ethical product from a company that’s doing a lot for planet earth. The lip balm itself is the most nourishing lip balm I’ve ever used and it’s incredible. My only problem was the price tag as it costs £20.

winter skincare products to help with dry skin and dehydrated skin in winter.


I thought I’d include a cheaper alternative lip balm as I’m sure everyone uses lip balms in winter. I have a different lip balm in every bag/coat pocket so that I always have access to one. Carmex is a really great moisturising lip balm and it feels so nice on your lips and smells like cherry!

DHC Cleansing oil

Sometimes face washes can dry out your skin which isn’t ideal because you wash your face everyday (if you’re not you should!). The DHC Cleansing oil is a great alternate to a regular face wash, because it’s an oil it nourishes your skin whilst melting away makeup and impurities on your face. This is also great as a make-up remover and a great cleanser to use in winter if your face wash is a little drying or if you want to soothe your skin.

Dermalogica skin soothing cream review best moisturiser for dry skin

Dermalogica Skin smoothing Cream

I’ve been raving about this moisturiser all over my instagram and even wrote a post about it here. It’s absolutely incredible and instantly moisturises your skin, as well as using SCIENCE to keep your skin hydrated for a further 48 hours! How amazing? For an all round nourishing moisturiser with no negatives I highly recommend this holy grail.

winter skincare products to help with dry skin and dehydrated skin in winter.

Garnier sheet mask

I absolutely love a sheet mask! They’re basically a face mask full of loads and loads of good hydrating ingredients. They’re a really great way of adding an instant intense boost of hydration to dry skin. I highly recommend the Garnier ones.

Superdrug vitamin e Face-oil

(I forgot to photograph this).This vitamin e face oil by Superdrug is really affordable. It smells amazing and is really nourishing on the skin. Massage some of this into your face in the evening and you will wake up with plump skin.

What products are your skincare saviours for winter?

Clare xx




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  1. December 23, 2018 / 10:19 pm

    I’ve only tried the moisture bomb mask. They definitely are a saviour especially when my skin is dehydrated xxx

    • December 29, 2018 / 4:53 pm

      They’re great arnt they! Really good at getting a big dose of hydration xxx

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